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Full Version: Early Birthday
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I received some early birthday gifts I will first start with some loose packs and end with the Titanium box and the one remaining pack in an open box of the same we go .......
[Image: atit7.jpg]
[Image: atit14.jpg]
[Image: atit8.jpg]
Go Hab's Go!
[Image: atit6.jpg]
[Image: atit5.jpg]
[Image: atit13.jpg]
[Image: atit3.jpg]
[Image: atit2.jpg]

[Image: atit12.jpg]
[Image: atit9.jpg]
[Image: atit11.jpg]
[Image: atit10.jpg]
[Image: atit.jpg]
Adam Larsson 01/15...........and a lone pack.....
[Image: atit1.jpg]
Thoughts and comments always welcomed.......
Sick patch
Oh I did not like that the Larsson did not fit in a one touch was to long....
Sicks cards. Too bad that triple wasn't PC or better players.
Nice pull on the Larsson! (I'm also glad to see someone else pulling a Nick Bonino autograph as one of their "hits"...then again, nobody should suffer by pulling him so maybe I shouldn't be glad! LOL)
Happy early Birthday to you! Sick pulls!! Congrats
Thanks for the Birthday wishes and comments.........@azicet you are not the only one plaqued by Bonino so I resent that have both his upper deck rookies I have his certified rookie auto and his new wave auto I think that should suffice....Have more Birthday packs on the way !......
Happy belated birthday, Ty! Congrats on the amazing hits! Those last two cards are SICK!!!

happy b day in deed congrats
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