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I've been going through some cards today seeing how close i am with some sets. I got a ton of dups, for anybody that might be doing some of these same sets, also if you have any of these sets please let me know so i can see if you can help me out.
2009 allen and ginter
2010 allen and ginter
2011 allen and ginter

2012 gypsy queen
2012 archives

2011 lineage

Thanks a bunch, taking a few sets at a time. Nick Renfrow
I have some 2012 archives pm me a list and I will add them for you.
I opened up a trade. I'm sure we can help each other out. My set needs can be found here...
Send me a checklist or just check my org. I have most of it listed already.
I have some 10 and 11 ginter.
Check me for your GQ needs
if you have a 2010 ginter list i can check. they are not listed but I have a ton.
Check me. I've got 2012 Archives and Gypsy.
I have tons of extras from 2011 Lineage, A&G, 2012 Gypsy and Archives.
Oh and 2012 Heritage too, I don't have all of the base added to my org but if you want to send a list of your needs I can do a check.
I have a little bit of '10 and '11 Ginter, and a tiny bit of '11 lineage they aren't all loaded though
im working on master lists for the sets previous posted when i finish them up ill post
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