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Full Version: Nolan Ryan auto..
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Just wondering what people would offer for this.
Its numbered out of 10.
[Image: nolanryanauto.jpg]
I personally love that card... I only collect Braves but was a Ryan fan growing up and that card just looks awesome
Holy crap thats a nice Ryan. What are you looking for?
(06-24-2012 07:46 PM)toddaray Wrote: [ -> ]Holy crap thats a nice Ryan. What are you looking for?

No clue. Would Like a packers PC card.
love that card.
check out my org and see if you find anything you like
Very nice! I'd trade another $150 Ryan auto and then some for it possibly.
I really just love that card, the photo is perfect, the condition looks perfect, I love how the blood looks like it's flowing into the auto.....
You better get something good for this!
Hey bud, please check my org, including the NFT section. I have a quad gu Ted Williams /25 that books for $350 that I'd throw your way for it.
I have a Favre Elite Platinum patch #/10 that I could start with! Shoot me a PM and let me know what else might interest you!
is there anyone you need........taken care of? j/k but that is one of the coolest cards i've ever seen.
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