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Here are all of my ZT autos!!! Im up to 41 unique and would LOVE to add to them!!!

[Image: 02-13-2011114755PM.jpg]

[Image: 02-13-2011115443PM.jpg]

[Image: 02-13-2011115742PM.jpg]

[Image: 02-14-2011120848AM.jpg]

[Image: 02-14-2011121416AM.jpg]

[Image: 02-14-2011122159AM.jpg]

[Image: 02-14-2011122754AM.jpg]

[Image: 02-14-2011122932AM.jpg]

[Image: 02-14-2011123104AM.jpg]

[Image: 02-14-2011123244AM.jpg]

[Image: 02-14-2011123606AM.jpg]

[Image: 02-14-2011123715AM.jpg]

[Image: 02-14-2011124152AM.jpg]

[Image: 02-14-2011124439AM.jpg]

[Image: 02-14-2011124621AM.jpg]

[Image: 02-14-2011124818AM.jpg]

[Image: 02-14-2011124951AM.jpg]

[Image: 02-14-2011125523AM.jpg]

[Image: 02-14-2011125802AM.jpg]

[Image: 04-01-2011021448PM.jpg]

[Image: 08-05-2011034833PM.jpg]

[Image: 06-08-2012011142PM.jpg]

[Image: 02-14-2011010348AM.jpg]

[Image: 02-14-2011010827AM.jpg]

[Image: 08-05-2011035320PM.jpg]

[Image: 02-14-2011011453AM.jpg]

[Image: 02-14-2011012755AM.jpg]

[Image: 02-14-2011012913AM.jpg]

[Image: 02-14-2011013008AM.jpg]

[Image: 02-14-2011013516AM.jpg]

[Image: 02-14-2011013611AM.jpg]

[Image: 02-14-2011014135AM.jpg]

[Image: 02-14-2011014530AM.jpg]

[Image: 02-14-2011014629AM.jpg]

[Image: 02-28-2011123922AM.jpg]

[Image: 02-14-2011014737AM.jpg]

[Image: 02-14-2011015345AM.jpg]

[Image: 02-14-2011015524AM.jpg]

[Image: 02-14-2011014933AM.jpg]

[Image: 02-14-2011015216AM.jpg]

[Image: 08-05-2011035448PM.jpg]


If you have or knows someone who has one I do not have the PLMK!!!!

Thanks for looking!!!
Yup, Love the Texas Tech Autos!!
Great stuff Bakerman, love the Tools Heritage autos.
Awesome collection! Love the inscriptions and the red ink autos as well! Congrats!
I like that inscription, "no neck"
I like it! How come none of those bad boys are graded?
Nice! Love that old classic one and the scoreboard. Can't beat those old autos lol.
Sweet collection!! Can't go wrong with phin guys!
Nice stuff Baker! Love that Magic auto!! Wink
Very nice Bake, you know I like me some D
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