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Still looking to move this, and with him really picking it up as of late figured I'd get more interest. Looking for other nice star autographs in trade mainly. Football and baseball. Willing to take a few cards in trade.

[Image: BraubRyanSterlingAutoRC.jpg]
check me for it.
I would like it as well... Maybe would buy it off you
(06-24-2012 12:27 PM)kelbysdaddy Wrote: [ -> ]check me for it.

Anything in your bucket available?
depending on what your interested in. send me a pm
Still available.
I'm interested. what about that McCutchen that I've been showin on the boards?

Any interest?

Feel free to check me if you want!

Offer sent. Also have a few really nice Heyward Auto RCs too. Wink
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