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Full Version: New PC Pick Up Thread
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Not sure what happened to my other thread, I must have made changes on my photobucket. Here r my pick ups for the last month or so.

[Image: 20.jpg]
[Image: 25.jpg]
[Image: 100.jpg]
[Image: 1.jpg]
[Image: 36.jpg]
[Image: AlexRodriguez1994FlairRCBGS95.jpg]
[Image: DerekJeter1993ScoreRCBGS95.jpg]
[Image: 10.jpg]
Nice stuff! I like that Boggs card.
very cool......I'm digging that ALT card!Smile
(06-22-2012 09:46 PM)75toppsfan Wrote: [ -> ]very cool......I'm digging that ALT card!Smile

Thanks. That is one of my favorite cards.
Nice Jeter. Great pickups.
Newest additions to my PC.
[Image: RonGant2010ToppsArchivesAuto.jpg]
[Image: 50.jpg]
[Image: 25-1.jpg]
[Image: 100.jpg]
[Image: 250.jpg]
[Image: AlbertPujols2001ToppsGalleryRCBGS95.jpg]
[Image: 1250.jpg]
Cool stuff. Didn't know Bautista started on the Pirates...
Its been a while since I updated this thread, here are my pick ups for the last three months.

[Image: 2001BGS95.jpg]
[Image: AlbertPujols2001UpperDeckRCBGS95.jpg]
[Image: AlexRodriguez1994UpperdeckRCBGS95.jpg]
[Image: DerekJeter1993UpperDeckRCBGS95.jpg]
[Image: GregMaddux1987FleerUpdateGlossyRCBGS95.jpg]
[Image: 50.jpg]
[Image: 1-2.jpg]
[Image: 1-1.jpg]
[Image: 1.jpg]
Nice Jeter! And my daughter particularly likes your Carlos Gomez!
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