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I was wanting to buy this but as I stare at it the color scheme does not seem to be the Dolphins colors. IMO it looks to have the Hurricanes color scheme. Am I just color blind?
Looks to be from the side of the number - hint of black. Either way, auction ended so guess no need to ponder Tongue
Yeah that looks more like a hurricanes jersey. Its not the right color of green to me.
It looks like a Miami Hurricanes Jersey Patch.
Strong confusion comes from this patch. Considering I have a desire to smash things that I don't understand.....I would stay away, as it could have value. I don't know much about Dolphins stuff, but it looks odd to me, perhaps a lousy scan? Dunno.
Not sure... But it's not looking like a Miami patch at all...
Agree with everyone else... has the wrong colors
i was looking at it as well...
The orange and green are too dark, looks like a jersey from the U... unless it's a bad scan, some scanners do tend to make colors darker then they seem
It appears to be from the sleeve on a Dolphins Green jersey, which is why it's not a patch and more of a printing, like in college.
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