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Full Version: WTTF Tim Raines Cards
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Hey all! Most of you know me as a HUGE Tim Raines fan and one of the minority that thinks he should be in the HOF. Anyway, I'm now kicking off my continuation of adding to my Rock Raines PC. I pretty much don't have anything after 1995, since I just got back into collecting in 2011.

Please check me out and let me know if you have anything of Rock to trade or sell. I'm very willing to buy as well if you don't see anything in my org or we can't come to an agreement on a trade. Please don't contact me with things from the 80's or early 90's, I have all those.

PM me! Thanks!
No one has the Rock???
ill see what i have...i am in the same minority...he should be HOF without question.
Very cool, thanks!
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