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Looking for First Year Bowman Chrome Gold REFs (Raw or Graded).

Two That I have already:
Matt Cain
[Image: th_SCANS-7.jpg]
Jake Peavy
[Image: th_DSCN1529.jpg]
Nice Cain!
(06-21-2012 11:57 PM)esa0315 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice Cain!
this is my third cain gold refractor bgs 9 haha
I have a few in my org...
couldn't find any, which do you have?
Sent you open offer with list...
up for today
Do you have a list of the cards you are looking for? I have a 2003 Saltalamacchia, 2004 Phil Hughes BGS 9.5, 2002 Joe Blanton, 2002 Mark Teahen, 2001 Ryan Ludwick, 2001 Ryan Madson, 2001 Rafael Soriano, 2001 Cody Ross, 2003 Franklin Gutierrez, 2002 Nick Swisher, and probably a few others.

I was building a 2001 bowman chrome gold refractor set at one time but I still need a couple of the big cards, including the ichiro, reyes, morneau, hafner,and peavy. Did you bid on the hafner that ended on ebay a couple of days ago? Ohiobobcat3 has been buying every hafner I've seen listed and he won the last card as well. I need about 60 more cards but they are mostly the obscure commons or I have to fight with player collectors for guys like McGwire, Vlad Guerrero, Clemens, Sosa, etc.
No but I am definitely interested in, Cody Ross, and Nick Swisher are you selling?
can anyone help me out?
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