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Just got back from vacation so I know I've missed the early frenzy on trading the 2012 Series 2 stuff.

I'm looking to finish the Cut Above and Topps 87 mini sets. I have other past insert set wants in my wants of my org such as 2004 Topps Fall Classic Covers and Presidential Pastimes. Of course there are players I collect in my sig.

Take a look and let me know.
i have some minis.. check me
Sending an offer got 7 of what you need plus a bunch of the guys in your sig.
i have some will get them scanned and loaded for you to take a look at.
Ive still got this stuff plus Archives for trade, let's make some deals.
Topping this again, still looking to make some trades.
I had 3 minis and 1 cut above you were looking for so I sent an offer. Isn't much of a trade in terms of value but if you want to do it I'm game. Or you can see if there's anything else you want in my org...
Got some trades done, ready to do some more.
I still have a lot of inserts left if you want to check.
(07-02-2012 08:47 PM)Cashbail Wrote: [ -> ]I still have a lot of inserts left if you want to check.

Offer sent.
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