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looking for Seattle marienrs cards!!

really looking for the 2012 gypsy minis right now but i will look at any mariners you have. cheap and not so cheap Smile

a little about me since i have no trade history here.
been a member of becket since 1999 i am active duty military with 3 more years left to retire. Smile i trade on thebenchtrading and do alot of ebay since i deployed so much. have perfect trade history on the bench
cardtrader2005 and prefect ebay baseballchazz

thanks for looking and hope to trade soon
Welcome to Beckett!
The Bench is a cool trading site also, but to trade here you're going to have to load some cards into your organize.
I'ld be happy to trade with you, I'm looking for Pedroia cards or some set needs.
Oh yeah, got you on the 3 years, I have less then two to go.
Welcome again.
thanks for the welcome message! 30 Sep 2014 and its a wrap!!
i can to organize deal lol gives me something to work on Smile

i will look for some Pedroia cards for you.

thanks again
WELCOME! You can check my org for Mariners
Welcome, feel free to check me for Mariners. I am looking for Dodgers.
I have a Griffey printing plate in my organize. I'm only looking to sell it though feel free to shoot me an offer if you are interested
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