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please: when i search, dont use italics. and now, when i type something in the forums, dont use italics

if i want italics, i know how to use them.
I believe you mean to not use Italics as they have a specific use and unless they are being used as they are suppossed to be used tey should not be used would that be correct or just no Italics at all
dont use italics when im typing in a search box, dont use italics when im typing a post

there is absolutely no bleeping reason for it
are you refering to when you type a reply or search that it is in Italics? I think I did not get what you meant the first time
i think my last post made it plain
and once again, i plead with the gui folks
I see the Beckett forum has officially bottomed out . . .
(05-09-2013 03:49 PM)coimbre 21 Wrote: [ -> ]I see the Beckett forum has officially bottomed out . . .

and that means.....what?
It's a joke about exhausting all topics of discussion on the forum, you or anyone else, down to whether text should be in italics or not. . . I forgot you accused me of being a troll once so you probably don't see the humor in it or do you?
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