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so i ordered some boxes of elite and certified. just to fill some holes in my collection. and with dave and adam you get a freebie. i picked a box of basketball. dont know why. i have no real interest in the collecting of the cards. but my one hit may change my mind.
[Image: img171.jpg]
[Image: img172.jpg]
[Image: img173.jpg]
[Image: img174.jpg]
[Image: img175.jpg]
[Image: img170.jpg]
pretty sweet.
Well can't really get any better with that basketball hit. Congrats on the pulls.
did u get the message on our trade???
(06-20-2012 09:14 PM)mpekar Wrote: [ -> ]did u get the message on our trade???

yeah,i'll reply in a bit. sorry swamped with all kinds of nonsense. lol.
Wow, got some nice autos in the elite boxes and then a free jordan auto? Dang that is awesome. Only way that could have been better is if it was a kobe auto instead haha.
Great hits! Got your $ back for sure.
WOW - Nice pull on the Jordan! If that happens to FT, let me know. Nice!
Man you always Get some Awesome Pulls!
Wow. The Greatest of All Time. Why cant I pull something like that. It would be the masterpiece in my collection lol.
have some interest in the mallet certified auto if its ft
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