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I've was a Beckett Online Priceguide subscriber about a year ago. I love the entire site, the sport, and the hobby, but I became busy with school and such I didn't have time. But now that I have a University picked out, college classes signed up for, and no other higher priorities, I felt that I could get back into the hobby I had onced loved.

Dusting off my two binders of my "special" cards, I was curious to see the fluxuation of their prices. If memory served me right, there used to be a graph where it showed the change of the price over time. Now I cannot seem to find it, so I am guessing Beckett got rid of it after the update?
yep, but it will be coming back
Okay, thats great! It was always just interesting and also was why I just didn't get a hard copy of a price guide. Thank you!
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