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Full Version: LTTF Dan Majerle
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I would be interested in any Dan Majerle Figures..
(06-19-2012 10:02 AM)bbills1999 Wrote: [ -> ]I would be interested in any Dan Majerle Figures..

Dan Majerle was my favorite player for a long time. I even bought his replica jersey back in the early 90's. I think I still have it, too.
Ya he is my favorite player as well..

I posted my Collections there on the basketball Forum you can watch my Majerle PC Grow... I already picked up one of his Starting Lineups. Im waiting for good deals on the others.
I think I have a couple basketball SLU's, not Majerle though. Interested in those, or just your guy?
Pretty much just my guy but who do you have?
Just updated my Org with everything. Give it a look!
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