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Ok so i posted a thread about this box a week or so ago. Sorry it took so long to get it posted on here. I had my bachelor party all weekend and have been pretty busy. Anyhow as some of you might remember i wasnt sure if it was a sealed hobby box or just a simple pack/box. The mail lady came to the door and to my delight she had a big box for me.

This is what i got when i opened the pacakage.
A box the size of two shoe boxes stacked on one another.
24 packs per box
Challenge Collection 1 in 7 packs
Artist Proof 1 in 35 packs
V2 1 in 11 packs
Inscriptions Autograph 1 in 23 packs

[Image: 06-13-12_1134.jpg]

And inside the box i found these! 24 individually sealed boxes! <- Sweet

[Image: 06-13-12_1135.jpg]
[Image: 06-13-12_1136.jpg]

Inside each individually sealed boxes i found a sealed clear pack of 3 cards.

[Image: 06-13-12_1137.jpg]

My first pack yielded me this very cool Barry Sanders Inscriptions V2 insert which has a plastic film which says "peel off" on it. I didnt peel off lol but one edge has peeled a tiny bit as you can see in the scan.

[Image: BarrySanders1997PinnacleInscriptionsV2.jpg]

My next few packs got me some base cards. Pack #5 yielded this Barry Sanders Incriptions Challenge Collection insert.

[Image: BarrySanders1997PinnacleInscriptionsChal...ection.jpg]

Finally pack #10 got me auto. Needless to say i was dissapointed. Jeff Hostetler wasnt who i had in mind.

[Image: JeffHostetler1997PinnacleInscriptionsAut...0-2000.jpg]

So at this point i was pretty bummed and was debating on if i should just sell the other 14 packs on ebay. But im the type of person who cant stand not seeing whats in each pack so i kept on opening. Pack #14 gave me this Troy Aikman Inscriptions Artists Proofs insert Smile yay i beat the odds 1 in 35 packs

[Image: TroyAikman1997PinnacleInscriptionsArtistsProofs.jpg]

Nice hit....but still a bit sad about my auto Sad ...i continued on opening.....and BAM! pack #19 I pulled this!!!!................


[Image: SteveYoung1997PinnacleInscriptionsAutogr...2-1900.jpg]

At this point i was stoked!!! I got something that made the box 100% worth it. Also i got an extra auto... stated odds were 1 in 23 packs. So i start opening some more...... pack #23......what...??? another way!! Kerry Collins Auto....yup and if you werent counting thats 3 autos.

[Image: KerryCollins1997PinnacleInscriptionsAuto...6-1300.jpg]

last pack...#24 Brett Favre V2 insert!

[Image: BrettFavre1997PinnacleInscriptionsV2.jpg]

I also got these 3 Challenge Collection inserts. Jeff Blake, Jim Harbaugh, Jeff George

[Image: JeffBlake-JimHarbaugh-JeffGeorge1997Pinn...ection.jpg]

Here are some pictures of the base cards!....all the base cards you see in the pictures below are for trade.

[Image: Base21997PinnacleInscriptions.jpg]

[Image: Base1997PinnacleInscriptions.jpg]

[Image: Base31997PinnacleInscriptions.jpg]

Well guys i had a good mail day too i would like to post about but i am getting married this saturday so im not going to be on the boards much for the next two weeks. Hope you enjoyed this break as much as i did. I can honestly say i had more fun opening this box of cards then i have ever had opening any other boxes.
sweet break congrats Smile definately interested in the Barrys if they are FT Smile
That was an awesome break
wow man thats awesome! 3 autos, cant beat that. love the young!
Nice break
Good looking cards all around.
Man I wish they made cards this nice nowadays, every new product I see looks cheap and recycled, this one however looks awesome, great break and congrats!
I think I saw a couple of Marino boxes in the second scan. I would be interested in one if you still have them...
(06-18-2012 12:55 AM)bakerman8419 Wrote: [ -> ]I think I saw a couple of Marino boxes in the second scan. I would be interested in one if you still have them...

And I would be interested in the Young boxes if they are still around. Congrats on the great pulls, especially the Young.
Insane break
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