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Still hunting!
I have access to a Jamie Benn Priority Signing from this year's Toronto Expo if it is of interest to you.

(06-21-2012 06:37 PM)KrispX Wrote: [ -> ]***BUMP***

Still looking for a trade! Anybody got what I'm looking for for the 09-10 year?
PM sent!
Still hunting for Jamie Benn's....let me know what you got.
I have this one. Has a really nice seam;

[Image: 2010-11DonrussBoysofWinterThreadsPrime77...nd-100.jpg]

And this triple auto;

[Image: 2009-10BeAPlayerSignatureTripleS3-RMBRic...owBenn.jpg]
Anyone else have any Benn's?
Still hunting...anyone else have anything? Please make it higher end as the rest of my traders is over BV $100+.
Anyone with a nice Benn short print?
Another Benn UD Ice /99 has been acquired!

Anyone with a nice Benn out there?
Ice /99 & another Cup APR /249 incoming...with 2 more potential Cup APR's in the works!

Anyone with a nice high end Benn out there?
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