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Nice looking card. Let's do it. I'll send you another trade offer. I'm glad we could work something out. MC

(07-29-2012 10:08 AM)KrispX Wrote: [ -> ]Only thing i have left in Habs is my 09-10 SP Authentic Rookie Review Mike Ribeiro 42/100...that is roughly same value as those 3 Benn's!

[Image: MikeRibeiroSPAuthenticRookieReview.jpg]
Trade accepted! Thank you Heaterhabs!

Still got some good stuff left folks. Don't forget about my Sidney Crosby Young Guns (Beckett Graded 9), Alexander Ovechkin Young Guns, & others still left! Check my photobucket!
- Update -

My 05-06 UD Young Guns Alexander Ovechkin is no longer available! It was traded on CloutsnChara site for an 09-10 SP Authentic Future Watch Limited Auto Patch Jamie Benn #/100 & a 11-12 Crown Royale Coat of Arms Patch Jamie Benn 1/25.

Still got some nice stuff....Crosby Young Guns (Beckett Graded 9) anyone?

No one with 09-10 Jamie Benn's they want to give up? No Cup cards?

Got Crosby YG's Graded 9, RNH YG's (incoming), Patrick Kane YG's incoming, Mike Modano 06-07 Cup Foundations Patch 1/10 (incoming), Modano 06-07 Cup Foundations Jsy Auto 7/10 for trade.
Bump it up!

Anyone have an 09-10 UD Ice /99 Benn?

No longer need the 09-10 UD Ice Fresh Threads Auto Patch /5, but will always take another if one becomes available!

Still looking for that 09-10 UD Ice /99.
Just traded for this hot auto of Evgeni has a price range in between $150 - $200!
This is a hard to acquire expo redemption & all of them are going like hotcakes right now.

[Image: IMG_0002-1.jpg]

I will trade it for the right trade...but preferrably a Jamie Benn UD Ice /99 & maybe the UD Black /99.
As for the UD Black /99, i have the "E" patch, just need the "B" & 2 of the "N" patches. But am open to all trades, even if not for a Jamie Benn, but it is preferred!
i have 11-12 ud game jersey
(08-20-2012 08:29 PM)jets18 Wrote: [ -> ]i have 11-12 ud game jersey

If it were the Patch /15 i'd definitely be interested...but after looking at your bucket, it's the regular one that brings $10. Not really after it at this time...but i'll keep it under consideration if i get to where i want it.

Thank you for the offer!

After final verification from a trade on Young Guns Sidney Crosby (BGS 9) is no longer available! Trading for 3 high end Brayden Schenn rookies (Silhouettes /99, SP Authentic Limited /100, & Ultimate Rookies Auto Patch /35).

[Image: Image50.jpg]
[Image: Image116.jpg]
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