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I have several of these cards for sale at a resonable price. Let me know if still interested, and share an updated wantlist.
I have these lmk.

1993-94 Ultra All-NBA #14 David Robinson
1995-96 Ultra Scoring Kings Hot Pack #10 David Robinson
1996-97 Topps Season's Best #SB5 David Robinson
1997-98 Fleer Tiffany Collection #275 David Robinson
1997-98 Ultra Big Shots #8 David Robinson
1997-98 Ultra Jam City #12 David Robinson
2000-01 Hoops Hoops Originals #8 David Robinson
2007-08 Fleer Decades of Excellence Glossy #5 David Robinson
2007-08 Upper Deck First Edition Champions of the Court #CCRO David Robinson
2008-09 Hot Prospects Cream of the Crop #CC23 David Robinson
2008-09 Hot Prospects Hot Tandems #HT17 George Gervin/David Robinson
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