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Full Version: 2012 upper deck box
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these are all for trade, a decent box

[Image: scan0001-5.jpg]
Very nice what rookies did you get? #221 and higher.
(06-15-2012 03:01 PM)ZeroDave Wrote: [ -> ]Very nice what rookies did you get? #221 and higher.

none, i got a #179 isaiah pead sp and the #234 leonard johnson auto is a rare sp
I would love to attempt a trade for the 179, 234, RGIII, and the mascot card... thanks.
I wouldnt mind trying to trade for the RGIII.
Beckett doesn't even list the RG3 card, im guessing the beckett value would probably be around 60$ all his cards book high, im willing to trade it away, i"ll check you all
nice, thank you
RGIII is sick!!!
not bad
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