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Full Version: Ever "lost" a card.
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I've been trying to scan in 25 cards from my Pistons PC a night in reverse chronological order. This will help me verify I have every card as well as finally get my PC pictures in the system. Well, I'm not even 75 cards in, and I've already found one that I can't find. lol. I know I've had it because I purchased it on eBay with other Pistons GU cards from one seller and all cards were there. It is a 2010-11 National Treasures Jerseys Tayshaun Prince /25. I know I've seen it, I think I even considered getting it graded when I sent in my shipment, but I didn't. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone else has lost a card. Hopefully yours eventually turned up as I'm hoping mine will as well. All of my cards are in order as they are in my Beckett, so I doubt I misplaced it in the wrong box. Maybe it fell under the shelf or something, I don't know. Sad
Ugh, I feel sick to my stomach. I think I have an idea what happened to the card, though I'm hoping to be wrong. I went to see where I got the card and it was eBay (11/01/2011). I looked to see what other cards I got from the seller and it was just two other cards. A Joe Dumars Panini HOF jersey card and Season Update Greg Monroe Jersey. I just looked through all cards I have from 2009-10 through today, and I don't see either of those in there. I'm guessing that I received them, put them back in the bubble mailer as I tend to do then I normally take them to the room. However, there have been occasions where I didn't take them there until the following day. I'm wondering if they were thrown away by accident with other bubble mailers I might have received that day. I'm hoping not. I'm hoping the bubble mailer is somewhere in this house, but I'm not going to hold my breath. Sad I'll be elated if I find that envelope and/or those cards.
sorry to hear your troubles. I have misplaced cards a few times.. Usually I find them after a day or two... all except one card, I still can not find...

I misplaced a JJ Hickson auto - Topps Signature 2008-09

It is the last card I need to complete the auto set.. I know I bought it & paid over BV for it... but think I threw it in one of my many cardboard shoe boxes I place my cards in. I undated my "org" saying I have it.. I bought it off ebay & I always have the card in hand when updating Beckett. SUCKS!

I'm trying to obtain another one to complete my set & praying that I find the missing one that is in my house somewhere...

good luck on finding your missing card.
I've misplaced a few cards before, and usually end up finding them in a few days. I did have one card that I misplaced for a few years and then one day I opened a box I thought there was no way it could be in and sure enough there it was. I still have no idea how it got there, but it was really nice to see it again, especially since I had given up any hope of finding it and only opened that box to look for something else.
Well my fear is that the bubble mailer was thrown away and they were in there. I did a semi-exhaustive search of my room yesterday and didn't find them. I have to go through the rest of my house and hope to find them. I remember opening the bubble mailer right at the counter between the sink and stove, they had their business card in there, and I had something I was in the middle of so I put them back in there and on the counter. I'm just hoping the person that was staying with us at the time didn't clepto them or accidentally throw them away. I normally attempt to bend a bubble mailer before throwing it away so that I know there's nothing in there. My wife normally checks ripped bubble mailers before throwing them away as well. I mean, it's only three cards, but one of them was a GU of my favorite player and the other was an NT /25 Jersey. That sucks.
Your OCD must be going Haywire
(06-15-2012 08:55 AM)bbills1999 Wrote: [ -> ]Your OCD must be going Haywire

I honestly am having a hard time concentrating because of it. And this weekend it's not like I have the whole weekend to clean every nook and cranny of the house. Going to try and go up to the LCS tomorrow (2:10 drive one way) and then may break my boxes tomorrow. Boooooo!!!!!!! Smile
Make sure you check the Common Boxes for Thunder Dans please
(06-15-2012 09:30 AM)bbills1999 Wrote: [ -> ]Make sure you check the Common Boxes for Thunder Dans please

I no have no dunda dans. Smile
Im talking about at the LCS sunday fool
(06-15-2012 09:55 AM)bbills1999 Wrote: [ -> ]Im talking about at the LCS sunday fool

Well, that may be cancelled. There were four shops in all of GA Panini listed as being part of the promotion. I called one of them (what looks like the most organized of them all) and they said they are taking part in it, but not the same way as everyone else. People need to call ahead, order the boxes they want, then they will have the packs shipped from the distributor. I called another, and they don't carry much sports, mostly gaming, and of the sports they do have, they don't have any basketball. Called the third one, they said they are primarily gaming as well, but they do have a good selection of football and baseball, but no basketball. The cheapest box they have is $65 of Signature baseball which would yield four packs from the Father's Day Promotion. I tried to call the last one, but there was a busy signal, so I'll try calling them back later. With having bought those two boxes (couldn't pass up the deal) I don't have much I can spend on packs, so I can't buy any boxes, but that seems to be the only way most of them are giving out Father's Day Packs. So the question I have to answer is, do I go all the way up to Atlanta just to hang out at a card shop, that more than likely won't have much to look at, probably no packs to bust, and I won't get any Fathers Day packs? Or stay home, go for a workout, bust the boxes and try and pick up some Fathers Day Packs on the bay where I'm sure there will be quite a few, but they could get pricey? Or just save that money for another box of cards later? Or pick up some more cards for my Breakout AU set? Too many questions and the concentration issues from not finding those cards is killing me. lol.
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