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When I first started collecting cards again in 2010, I was in awe of a Pete Maravich autographed card posted on the boards by Dr J Converse. Ever since then, I've kept my out for a similar one for my collection.

When I saw this Pete Maravich card on eBay, I just had to get it at all costs. There are a number of reasons why:

- Firstly, I love the card design. 1972-73 Topps is one of my favourite vintage sets.
- Secondly, the photo shows Pistol Pete dribbling the ball between his legs - it doesn't get much more iconic than that.
- Thirdly, the autograph is crystal clear.
- Fourthly, there's not one but two autographs on the same card.
- Finally - and before anyone mentions it - the poor card condition doesn't bother me one bit. I genuinely like the fact it's been handled so much rather than being locked away in someone's cupboard. It gives it a truly vintage feel.

[Image: PeteMaravich.jpg]

[Image: PeteMaravich3.jpg]

The same seller had some other awesome cards for sale that I couldn't resist. I rang him and we agreed a price for all three cards together.

As many of you know, I'm a huge Wilt Chamberlain fan. I already had a nice inscribed ('Peace') Wilt Chamberlain index card. However, much as I liked it, I wanted a signed card. This specific card just so happens to be one of my all-time favourite vintage cards (I already owned an unsigned version) so it made sense to get this autographed version. The colours are so vibrant. Wilt's statistics on the reverse of the card are mind-boggling.

The autograph itself is clearer in person than in the photo.

[Image: WiltChamberlain3.jpg]

I wasn't done there. I had a nice Jerry West Bowman 48 Auto Patch in my collection but, much as I like the set, the sticker autos aren't really my thing. This autographed Topps card goes perfectly with the Wilt Chamberlain card and allowed me to sell my Bowman 48 auto for a nice profit to help raise funds towards these new purchases. That is why I've sold so many of my cards recently.

[Image: JerryWest.jpg]

All in all, this is certainly my most expensive mailday ever and also the one I've been looking forward to the most. It's taken over two weeks for the cards to arrive - I've been checking the post every day and sulking afterwards when there was nothing in my mailbox! They finally arrived today and I couldn't be happier. I really like PSA-authenticated cards. The PSA card holders feel strong and robust compared to BGS card holders.

I've been reading Pete Maravich articles and stories non-stop since I ordered the card! A true legend.
congrats on the additions, those are some awesome cards.
Awesome! I like the 1972 topps. Great additions!
those are some awesome cards to add to you're already amazing collection. congrats on the wilt & pistol autos...

I've been looking at those two guys autos for months... but don't got to funds to pick em up.. hopefully one day.. but first, got to secure a job, since I haven't worked since I was Involuntarily Discharged from the Navy back in OCT 2011. Waiting for paperwork to get approved to enlist in the Ready Reserves.. funny, how the Navy was trying to downsize & save money on man-power, but now, they need people in certain rates & paygrades... I was lucky to get called up to enlist, so I jumped on it.. now need to get a government job, since being a weekend warrior does not pay that much.. need 8 more years before I can retire..
Thanks for the kind words. I've fine tuned my collection in the past few weeks. I've sold about 50 cards and kept my favourites. I think it's paid off. Sometimes less is more.

Good luck finding the job and career that suits you. Be patient and keep your head held up high. Something will come up.
Those are just some awesome pickups. I wish I could get a Pete Maravich auto. He was the main reason I came up with a set idea I was going to send to Panini. I was looking on ebay yesterday and his cut autos and cards he has signed go for a whole lot!
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