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I haven't purchased a box of cards in a while, so I went ahead and picked up a box of Titanium. I really wanted a rookie, as I loved chasing these back in the day.

First pack - Joe Pavelski regular jersey

Okay not a great start.

Second pack - Mike Richards regular jersey

Ugh. At least it's a Kings. But ouch. This box is starting to look like a dud.

Third pack - Jonathan Quick, Quad Prime 25/25

Wow! Purple jersey, yellow/white stitching, white/black stitching and a white fight strap. Beautiful, beautiful jersey and a King to boot!

Fourth Pack - Jonas Gustavsson Auto

Good auto. On card, beautiful but man Jonas looks scared.

Fifth Pack - Nikolai Khabibulin Home Jersey Prime Auto /25
Cody Easkin 8/85 Gold Parallel Rookie

At this point, I was like wow! A case hit! Or is it two case hits?

But the Bulin Wall has two prime jersey pieces white and black. It's a beautiful card but it can't be placed in a magnet protector. Too long.

I think I did extremely well with this box hit!
sounds like a nice box, congrats on the kings hits, would love to see some scans
sounds like you enjoyed your box! that is what collecting is all about
sweet hits, scan them up for us to see!
how is joe pavelski not great?
sweet break
Would love a chance at that quick
Nice cards
Pics here: (sorry for the delay, moving)

[Image: Card10001.jpg]

[Image: Card10002.jpg]
Wow! Awesome Quick & the Khabibulin is nice too!
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