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I have the big Kahuna in terms of Tiger Woods. The sheet is 9 cards with Lisa Leslie, Jerry Stackhouse, Curtis Martin, Michael Finley, Martina Hingis, Ed Jovanovski, Chen Lu, Doug Flutie & the Tiger Woods RC is in the centre of the page. I also have the full original magazine it came in as well. a couple years ago the sheet booked for $600 but i'm not sure what it's current value is. I'd be willing to do a buy/trade where you can send me some cards + some paypal but for this item i'll need a decent amount of paypal included.
If anyone wants scans of anything i can provide if you pm me with your email address.

My wants:

Dr J/Wilt Chamberlain/Kareem
anything first printed like #001/188, #01/99, or #1/1


intrested check my photobucket
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