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Christian Ponder. It seems that every time I purchased a box or something. There was Ponder. I was wondering who else had a common stalker. Oh yeah a close 2nd was Jordan Todman. Got tired of seeing his stuff too.
I was lucky pulling Jake Locker, sadly though I've traded most of them away
My boss at my LCS always pulled Shane Vereen and Jamie Harper
I pulled 11 Ponder autos. Now that I moved out on MN I am interested to see who I get this year.
Todman for sure. Then ridley and vereen.
Austin Pettis
Titus Young, LeShoure, Tandon Doss, Shane Vereen and Blaine Gabbert. That was all season.

There was a balance, though. Early in the season and pre-season, I had one pack pulls of Cam Newton and Locker. Box pulls of Demarco Murray, Ryan Mallett and Ryan Mallett.
2011 it was Bilal Powell and Jamie Harper for me.
But in 2010, every, i mean EVERY box had at least one Montario Hardesty hit.
Nice to see some decent cardboard stalkers. It could have been Kyle Rudolph or the other Charger Rookie.
none... I don't bother buying packs... singles only!!!
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