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I was wondering if there are any team traders left out here? I am looking to get rid of most of my baseball cards, and am looking for Ripkens in return, and a couple of other misc cards. I dont have much at all left for higher end cards, mostly base cards and lower inserts, but would love to get rid of them for some good exchange. Send me an offer or a team you want and I would love to get some trades done this month.
I might be interested in a trade for twins stuff. You want ripken, and what else?
wibs ill send you a list tonight, since your a twins fan you might have one of the cards im looking for, 1985 tom klawitter, there is a twins photo, team issue and postcard all listed on beckett. Otherwise im looking for a couple specific Ed Konetchey, Scott Servais in a Giants uniform, Frank skaff, chuck hockenberry, Reggie jackson and John smoltz auto card, Reggie jackson RC, and new york mets.
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