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I am selling some of my Josh Hamilton PC cards to fund another hobby so thought I would give you guys first shot.

[Image: 2012-06-05175518.jpg]

[Image: 2012-06-05175604.jpg]

[Image: 2012-06-05175639.jpg]

$50.00 shipped on the others individual or $125 for all shipped.

I have some other Josh Hamilton's that I may decide to add just havent let go yet LOL.

Some more

[Image: 2012-06-10125622.jpg]
$100.00 shipped /250

[Image: 2012-06-10125608.jpg]
$150.00 shipped Refractor /199

[Image: 2012-06-10125903.jpg]
$50.00 shipped /50

[Image: 2012-06-10125441.jpg]
$15.00 shipped /999

[Image: 2012-06-10125555.jpg]
$15.00 shipped /224

[Image: 2012-06-10125100.jpg]
$50.00 shipped /33

Come on lets make some deals..any scratches are from toploaders, I can take pictures of them out of the case if needed.
Good luck, doubt your going to sell them for BV or over BV like your asking if they were cheaper I would be interested
The one is $25 below book and all include shipping. These have been bringing good money and are getting more difficult to find. I will be posting more cards stay tuned. Send me some offers Smile I am getting married Saturday and need to fund another hobby lol.
the letter auto's have been selling for 39.99 on the bay
(06-10-2012 12:36 PM)southpaugh2002 Wrote: [ -> ]the letter auto's have been selling for 39.99 on the bay

+1.... Told you your prices are too high they may be PC but that doesn't mean people are going to pay you inflated prices for them. When/ if your prices come down I would be interested in a lot of them.
She is asking what she wants for them guys, if she's asking for more than what they go for on ebay so be it its her choice. We all know how rare these cards are to obtain and a Hamilton collector may just pay the prices she's asking. Its a trade off sometimes.
The Hamiltons are getting tough to find the good ones, and you are right southpaugh two did just sell for was mine LOL. Make me offers guys. I need some paypal
One being the first card 1/50 and one being his jersey #, i wouldnt be suprised to see you get what your asking. Good luck
Anyone from the evening crowd?
The 01/50 "O" is sold...lets get some more going guys. I need to sell a few more pleaseSmile
Adding these two Belt auto's will take $30.00 shipped for both

The Finest is numbered 284/299

[Image: 2012-06-10212204.jpg]
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