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Didn't not get the right answer on my last thread (Mystery count, dated May 11th), so I'm starting this one. When I go to my organize to "all items in collection" page, the top it shows a total of 62,445 items. Half way to the right of the page in the viewing records, it shows 1 - 100 of 62,431 for a difference of 14 items. I did a search in my organize and found out there's a difference of 13 in the "Want List" count and a difference of 1 in the "Keeps" count. Can you help solving the mystery?
You are correct - if an item is not assigned to a collection it still should appear in the "All Items" collection. Understanding that you went through all your pages to look at the tags, it may be possible for your cards to be tagged to a collection that no longer exists. I have not seen this particular case, but from other "features" I would guess this is possible.
The only suggestion I can make to track this down is to use the color feature of the collections. Start by making all your collections a single color (and check that all collections showing up in "Manage" appear on the Nav Bar). Then you can scroll through "All Items" quickly to see if there are any tags that are un-colored.
If that does work, you will have to do a collection by collection match. Change one collection a different color, and do the count. This is not optimum, but until Beckett allows an Excel download, I can't think of any better way.
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