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[Image: IMG_0123.jpg][Image: IMG_0119.jpg][Image: IMG_0114.jpg][Image: IMG_0117.jpg][Image: IMG_0115.jpg][Image: IMG_0121.jpg][Image: IMG_0120.jpg][Image: IMG_0122.jpg]

Then my first printing plate pull...
[Image: IMG_0116.jpg]

And my first white Whale 1/1

[Image: IMG_0118.jpg]
nice white whale! let me know if you want to move it.
Lmk if lindley is ft. Nice pulls!
Damn great stuff man congrats!
CMB for the Hillman and Miller if they are FT. Nice Break!
interested in the quick...check me
Interested in the Kearse.
WOW nice pulls!
Sweeet break man, wish i could hit em like that Smile
Thanks everyone! Yeah I was geeked when I pulled the printing plate already. Then my wife asked me if a White Whale was a good card from her TTT pack. Most is for trade. I will check everyone's org/bucket this week.
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