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I have several cards I'm looking to move. Cash will take priority first but if I were to trade I'm looking for the following players - Dale Murphy, Andruw Jones, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Adrian Peterson, and Sam Bradford.

[Image: autographs-1.jpg]
[Image: gray.jpg]
[Image: miller.jpg]
[Image: guyer.jpg]
[Image: mitreandsanchez.jpg]
[Image: johnsonandswisher.jpg]
[Image: tabata.jpg]
[Image: zimmermanjersey-1.jpg]
[Image: lopesandperez.jpg]
[Image: rodriguez.jpg]
[Image: weber.jpg]
[Image: bonds.jpg]
[Image: beltran.jpg]
all pms returned
more pms returned
couple gone, will update list tonight
(06-11-2012 01:19 PM)yahtzee3 Wrote: [ -> ]couple gone, will update list tonight

pms replied to
I'm interested in the Cain and Tulo auto if they're still available.
pms replied too
Check me for Swisher.
Got this if your interested: I'm interested in the Delgado auto.

[Image: DSC_0537.jpg]
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