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if anyone is opening either case(s), multiple boxes, or retail blasters we are currently looking to grab all the venters parallels from this set.

I believe which would consist of:
black border /61
gold sparkle parallel (non-numbered not sure what they are called this year)
red border target parallel
blue border wal-mart parallel (assuming these are blue this time like update last year?)

I'd love to be able to just buy all or multiple of them together, and I don't mind cheap/PWE shipping on them since they are pretty much worthless other than to a few people.

so if you pull any of these feel free to drop me a line via PM having more than one I need is a plus since its barely worth paying to ship most of those cards

also if anyone pulls any 1/1s. or sees any posted anywhere (other than ebay I already watch like a hawk there) send them my way!

anyway hope everyone has been having fun! we have continued to pick up venters cards as we find good deals on the harder to find parallels (picked up some more red, orange and gold cards of his lately) went down to our first game at turner field to catch the nationals whoop our ***** in the first game of that series (still had a blast, and sat directly beside the bullpen like 5 feet away).


picked up the cyan plate 1/1

still need base/gold parallel/black parallel/ and blue/red retail parallels
You doing better than I am. I am after the Francoeur cards and have only seen the base and gold sparkle. I am watching a silk on eBay. It still haven't seen a plate surface or any of the harder cards.
a surprinsgly small number of the venters parallels have popped up also compared to update last year and series 2 last year.

2 black /61s

2 or 3 gold sparkle

and one plate thusfar

i skipped out on the first two black /61's since they were a lil overpriced made an offer on the plate and got it for a good price

hopefully more frenchys show up soon!
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