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I missed out on 3 years of collecting. I got about half of the 2009 product but no 2010 and 2011. I am looking to buy decent size lots with a mixture of inserts and base. So that I can check out what I missed out on without spending a ton of money . So, if you have anything laying around you want to get rid of please send me a general idea of what you have and a price.

Thanks a bunch.
What are you considering a decent sized lot and what are you thinking of paying?
(06-08-2012 04:19 PM)bbills1999 Wrote: [ -> ]What are you considering a decent sized lot and what are you thinking of paying?

Just depends on the lot. If its all inserts and parallel then a decent size is 100+. If its a mixed commons and inserts then more like 500+. Payment just depends on the lot.
I may try to put something together for ya
Just to be clear you want 09-10,10-11,11-12 or just 10-11 and 11-12
I don't have too much Basketball left, but you can take a look and add some to our existing trade (Other than some MJ and Kobe's I'd let most all of it go very cheap)

Also have a few Emmitt Smith cards if you want to look.

I have a bunch of Limited 2009-10 base & inserts/gu/autos, Elite Black Box base 10-11, & Topps Signature 08-09 base autos & red facsimiles, along with a few black facsimiles...

You didn't mention previous years, but I have a ton of Chronology base (2006-07 & 07-08). I have more than 60 different cards for each year.. That is more than half the base set...
I'll check what I have in those years.... have a bunch to go through... let me know what you need....
Ive got a ton in my org for trade
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