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First off, just had Chris Justice bust a few 2012 boxes for me, did Leaf Valiant & Press Pass Fanfare.

Gunner Kiel
Jeff Fuller
Nick Perry (Packers Booya!)
Dontari Poe /99
Ryan Tannehill

Press Pass Fanfare
Tommy Streeter
Chris Givens /199
Courtney Upshaw /199
LaMichael James Paydirt /50
Brandon Weeden "2012 Big12 Champs" Inscrip /199 (/50)

Tim Tebow Bowman Sterling Jersey
Chris Rainey 2012 Bowman Signatures
Darren McFadden Jersey/Auto /100
Blaine Gabbert 2011 Prestige Auto
Blaine Gabbert Jersey/Auto /25
[Image: TebowSterling.jpg][Image: RaineyBowmanSig.jpg][Image: 100.jpg][Image: GabbertPrestige.jpg][Image: 25.jpg]

PC Pick Ups
Samkon Gado Jersey/Auto /100
Russell Wilson 2012 Press Pass Showcase Fantasy Team /99
Russell Wilson 2012 Press Pass Showcase Red Ink /149
[Image: 100-1.jpg][Image: 99-1.jpg][Image: 149.jpg]
I need Rainey if it's FT
(06-06-2012 06:55 PM)jmessick86 Wrote: [ -> ]I need Rainey if it's FT

It will be once prices are out for it.
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