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2007 Sweet Spot Calvin Johnson Auto /5 + $14
[Image: IMAG0657.jpg]


2009 R&S Team Chemistry Triple Auto #10/10 Stafford,Moreno,Massaquoi
[Image: teamchemistry.jpg]

2010 Elite Blaine Gabbert Auto
[Image: lastscan-20.jpg]

2010 Topps Inception Ryan Mallett Auto
[Image: lastscan-8.jpg]

I'm just curious what everyone else would do, and or who's getting the better end of the trade or if it's fair.

****UPDATED with scans****
I'd do it in a heartbeat. That Triple auto has gotta be sick!
Whoever is getting the Calvin is getting the better end IMO.
Rare Stafford Vs. Rare Calvin? Stafford please. Even if its college uni.

Value wise it seems fair, but #2 has A WHOLE LOT MORE potential.
1 WR for 3 QBs = No brainer

The Calvin is SICK though.
yeah, I'd take the deal if I was trading the Calvin for those cards.
Seems like a pretty fair trade, but I'd personally lean towards the 3-card end of the deal.
fair trade, but no.

I would keep the calvin.
i would keep calvin
Unless I was a Georgia fanatic, I'd take the Calvin over the other three question.
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