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So me and my roommate went to walmart tonight and picked up 5 blaster boxes and two 72 card jumbo pack/boxes. While sorting them we discovered three cards that appeared to have discoloration at the top. One was of Wandy Rodriguez and another was of Jose Reyes. I found both cards with no defects also. Is this something that is common in Topps trading cards? I couldn't really imagine that discoloration of a card would make it very valuable.

Also I found two Rod Barajas cards that are #391 and the same Rod Barajas card that is #395. The card #395 is actually printed upside down and this is how I found the error. I was sorting the cards by number and when I turned them around I realized that while the backs were facing the same direction the front was upside down. Then I realized there were cards between the two other Barajas' I pulled, leading me to noticed the numbering error.

Anybody else run across the discoloration issue? How about the Barajas or any other numbering issues?

I got the 2 different Barajas cards too. Not sure if they're SPs or not.
according to the checklist #395 should be Jonathan Lecroy from the Brewers.

So the back of the #395 card has Barajas's name and stats as well ?
Man would be a Pirates card messed up lol
(06-06-2012 04:07 PM)chevy man 22 Wrote: [ -> ]according to the checklist #395 should be Jonathan Lecroy from the Brewers.

So the back of the #395 card has Barajas's name and stats as well ?

Yes it does have his name and stats as well. I noticed someone was selling a set with both #395's in it. So I guess the Lecroy card exists also.
I got 2 or 3 of him that were all upside down. I didn't look yet if I have the other number.
These would be the 3 cards to look out for as you're sorting for sets.

[Image: barajas2012.jpg]
according to Sportscardradio the #395 Barajas is a Uncorrected Error

Quote:Card Numbering Issues: Rod Barajas & Jonathan Lucroy share the same card number (#395). Barajas is also card #391 (same picture, same exact card except the number). This is an UN-CORRECTED ERROR (UER). They ARE NOT worth more then any other base card. Do not be fooled by eBay auctions that list these as "errors". If Topps doesn't correct the error (and they haven't in MANY YEARS) then they aren't worth more.
Just picked up an HTA pack with an upside-down 391 Barajas in it. Has anyone seen a 391 that was right-side up?
Was it your #395 Barajas or your #391 Barajas that was printed upside down? (I guess I'm addressing that question to anyone) My 395 is definitely right side up though....hahah (And for one month in June 2012 Rod Barajas becomes worthy of water cooler conversation....finally.....after being traded to the Pirates?)
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