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391 is upside down. 395 is right side up.
395 is also Jonathan Lucroy right side up.
not bad
(06-08-2012 12:51 PM)chevy man 22 Wrote: [ -> ]according to Sportscardradio the #395 Barajas is a Uncorrected Error

I dont get how it's an UNcorrected error when I have both the card with the correct number on the back and incorrect number on the back. Obviously they fixed it. Well kind of fixed it as the 391 is upside down.
Because all the cards were made, or will be made without any changes to the print run. It was not stopped or recalled before making it into packs. All the ones they made are out there. I don't think they stopped production to correct it, thus UER. I look at it as a double error. #391 was printed upside down and #395 shares the same card number with Jonathan Lucroy. Neither card stopped or altered production.
So does that mean there are twice as many Barajas cards out there than other players? If not, then there's gotta be some sort of error thing. Unless it was split 50/50, there would be one version of the card that is rarer than the other.
I was looking at these at like 4 a.m. and thought I was losing my mind. Got both the #391 and #395 Barajas cards and the Lucroy.
I have a 2012 Topps Jim Johnson card without a name on the front, Is this a misprint?
Here is the back of the card
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