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Wanted to share a few of these from my weekend. I know they aren't football but I'm hoping they don't get moved because all my friends are here in football. Before anyone asks, no I'm not in the pics and I wasn't a participant, I just had fun watching and taking the pics. Thanks for looking and I'm not sure how bad the sizing will be, if they're huge I'm sorry.

[Image: 4F35D8E2.jpg]

[Image: 2B3BE77D.jpg]

[Image: 645DB8B7.jpg]

[Image: AC3B23D3.jpg]

[Image: F7C5A375.jpg]

[Image: 6F1E92A8.jpg]

[Image: 9E897856.jpg]

[Image: FC893197.jpg]

[Image: D8651B0E.jpg]

[Image: E52C75C2.jpg]
YEEHAW! Great stuff Lump!
nice pics, nothing like a good rodeo!
Thanks guys, it was a blast and I had a lot of fun taking the pics. Editing the pics not so much fun lol
rodeos kickass
there's some good looking horses in those pics.
That 3rd picture is awesome... shows the power of the horse perfectly! Love those shots!
Oh how I miss the rodeo, when I lived out in Texas I went to the rodeo every year for probably 5 years straight. It was always cool seeing people like George strait there...
Oh and please tell me you wore a pair of boots to it
Awesome lumpy!!! I haven't been to a rodeo since college. Brings back some wild memories! Hope you had fun buddy!
C'mon. Why isn't this posted on the rodeo boards?! lol
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