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(Updated 8/6/12) ONLY 4 MORE!!!

Hello all!

I mostly collect Hockey but have a couple baseball sets I inherited from my dad that I would like to finish off. I do have some baseball for trade, Most of it is vintage. I do have some baseball RC's that I would likely trade. There are other sports available if they interest you as well. Most of those are vintage as well. I also have a ton of hockey. Please send me a trade offer or PM if you have any of these cards.

1977 Topps
#10 Reggie Jackson
#104 Omar Moreno RC
#476 Rookie Catchers#{Gary Alexander RC#{Rick Cerone RC#{Dale Murphy RC#{Kevin Pasley RC
#624 Hector Cruz

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Monday Night Bump
Offer sent. Check the comments.
I have the Bruce Sutter - but its in my PC - and I'm a Cardinals guy (even though he's wearing a CUBS jersey dammit).

Also have Dale Murphy and maybe Reggie and Tommy John (although I'd have a tough time finding those last two).

Both rooks are in my PC - so It'd take another PC card to get them.

LMK if you want to talk.
Tuesday Bump
Thanks to beatles guy for the Bruce Sutter RC. Only 11 more!
Monday night bump!
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