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Finally got this stuff in today! Was ok I guess, fun to open at least

Got this blaster free for my order. Pulled a Cam Newton rookie and this patch

[Image: img256_crop.jpg]
Christian Ballard /1074

Next a box of Oklahoma. Can't beat it when anything you pull regardless is a PC item!

[Image: img259_crop.jpg]

3 packs of '10 SPx brought the following...

[Image: img258_crop.jpg]
Terrence Austin /599

[Image: img257_crop.jpg]
Mike Williams /375

Finally my box of SPA, hit an SPx pack!!!

[Image: img260_crop.jpg]
Flutie, Royster /350

[Image: img263_crop.jpg]
Niles Paul /699

[Image: img262_crop.jpg]
Torrey Smith /225

[Image: img261_crop.jpg]
Colin Kaepernick

Only thing card wise that made this day good was getting this in the mail

[Image: img255_crop.jpg]
2011 UD 20th Anniversary Printing Plates

All are FT, lmk if anyone needs anything except the OU auto of course...
Great cards.
That's some nice it was fun to bust ....(:
Love the Fluti-how cool was that!
(06-04-2012 10:36 PM)cybertrenz02 Wrote: [ -> ]That's some nice it was fun to bust ....(:

was pretty fun. guess I used up all my luck on this weekend's box of '12 UD though. Pulling that Weeden letter auto was sweeeet!
Nice plate
(06-05-2012 06:23 AM)alstott9adams Wrote: [ -> ]Nice plate

Thanks man Smile
Congrats on the 1/1!!
(06-05-2012 03:19 PM)mik253 Wrote: [ -> ]Congrats on the 1/1!!

Thanks man! Only my 2nd one since they are hard to come by at a decent price.
check me for the kaepernick
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