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I'm thinking of selling this Payton auto and picking up a Cam Newton auto. I'm a huge Auburn fan and don't have an auto of his yet.

My question is how many of you would sell this card ($300-$350 range) and buy a Cam Newton auto?

[Image: scan0002.jpg]
One of the greatest to play the game for a "you dont know what can happen" player! H*ll no! lol
Are you kidding me? That's sacreligious...
(06-04-2012 05:58 PM)Pigskin-Papa Wrote: [ -> ][Image: scan0002.jpg]

Ask someone on here to trade, im sure they would do it in a heartbeat, you could get 2 autos even...

if it were me....I wouldnt do it.
I wouldn't do it. Sweetness is one of the best running backs of all time, Cam has had ONE good season. I may be speaking from a slightly biased standpoint since I am a Bama fan, but I wouldn't do it. Plus, Payton won't be signing any more autos, Cam probably signed more last season than Payton ever did.
Step away from the trade...............................
There will never be another Walter Payton....hold on to it!!!
Id trade you a couple cams for that!!!! haha never sell that card
If you really want to sell it, pm me a price.
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