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I decided instead of buying a blaster box I'd buy two rack packs. Less cards, but I've had better luck with them than the blasters anyway. First of all, I gotta say the rookie cards are ugly as homemade sin .... but anyway...

It's not a bad value> Included in each rack pack is three rookies with blue backgrounds. I pulled twelve more rookies, plus these:

[Image: IMG_0001-23.jpg]

And what I consider my "Hits"
[Image: IMG_0002-22.jpg]

Love that I got an auto, and it's an LSU guy, plus Matt Flynn and a Mo, a Nick Toon and a Luck Rookie. I think it was money well spent
Nice pull on the Randle. I really like the look of those helmet autos from the scan, but are they MFG patch helmets, plastic or something else?
Nice barron
nice!! Congrats on all of those Tigers!!
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