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As you all know, I don't buy singles too often. However, the great thing about collecting anyone other than MJ, Kobe, etc., is that you can pick up nice cards on the cheap! Got this one for around $5 delivered.

[Image: gradedMitch.jpg]

a Jordan graded out that high would probably be at least $70-$80, so it's nice to collect Mitch sometimes Smile Thanks for lookin!

EDIT: Speak of the devil Just put in a low-ball offer on this MJ and got it! Paid half of high bv for a PSA 9. Tough to complain about that!

[Image: NetsetJordan.jpg]

Good day to be a Mitch/MJ collector, can't wait for them to be in hand!
Have to love graded cards. Smile

Though I did see some crazy on eBay list an $8 Grant Hill graded a BGS 9.5 for $139.99 (or $189.99, can't remember). Just crazy. Smile
(06-04-2012 02:12 PM)xstreaminsanity Wrote: [ -> ]Have to love graded cards. Smile

Though I did see some crazy on eBay list an $8 Grant Hill graded a BGS 9.5 for $139.99 (or $189.99, can't remember). Just crazy. Smile

not worth it for your PC, eh? lol

I know how you feel about the graded cards though. I eventually want every PC card of mine graded. Not including sets though, that'd take forever, I have over 1k in sets, and another 1k or so in PC cards.

A more realistic goal is to get every PC card that books $10+ graded, and any relic/auto cards (got 3 Mitch jersey cards, none book that high, and one of his autos only books $12 haha). I'm thinking about getting a second submission together since I'll be out of the country for almost a month I can choose a slower speed cause I won't miss them too much hahaha.

EDIT: Oh crap, it's $7/card for 20-day service in June?? That means I could submit and get them all back by the time I'm home! Even better!!
At that price? Nah, I'll pass. I already have the card anyways, just ungraded.

And yes, I love graded cards, almost exclusively BGS. Smile I'll trade for graded cards from other companies, but not for much of a premium. I do that simply so they're well protected. And I agree, I want all PC (non-set) cards graded, but I'm already at 3,700+ different Pistons cards, so that's going to take a long time. I'm also not sure which way to go; start buying graded cards on the cheap even if I already have the card, or save that money and send mine in. Smile I know I have cards that could grade as low as a 5 probably, but as someone stated in another thread, they're simply fillers until I can get better copies of them.

But I don't know which way I want to go in grading them. My first submission wasn't based on value as much as it was "I want these ones graded first because they're some of my favorite or condition sensitive". I may have a few more cards that still fit into that category, but after that it's going to be by a combination of value and type of card.
Nice pick Bro.. Congrats!!!
Congrats on the pick up, wtg.
(06-04-2012 02:51 PM)kct1 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice pick Bro.. Congrats!!!

haha thanks everyone...and of course you like the old school topps product KC! Wink

Still shocked at the MJ, personally. Like you xstream I prefer BGS grading but a PSA 9 for half of bv? 90's MJ inserts graded at a 9 are selling at/above high bv pretty routinely these days, so I'll take it!
I am telling you man singles are the way to go....especially if you are an MJ collector! So hard to pull his cards in the older stuff and the boxes are so high priced! Congrats on the pick-ups!
i know somebody that needs that net set jordan for his pc, and his name is pingbling23 lol.
those are some good finds...

I only have a few graded cards... don't want to spend my money to get them graded.. so I trade or try to pick them up on the low.. this was my first BGS card I bought.. good deal too..

[Image: MJ_ULTIMATE_0102_464-750.jpg]
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