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Here is my growing lanyard collection (Remember. I send cards for lanyards! I really want a Clemson, UConn, and Illini lanyard!!) I want any and all lanyards!

Got this today from Jeffro
[Image: UAlaskajeffro.jpg]

[Image: Lanyards3.jpg]
[Image: Lanyards2.jpg]

[Image: Lanyards1.jpg]
[Image: Lanyards.jpg]

[Image: 012.jpg]
wow... very nice...Wink love them...
Yep I am hooked on 'em!
Thats pretty kool kel!
Baby's gettin big!
yep, and I have to thank some of the people out here for helping!
Definitely cool Kel Big Grin
Very kool, Kelly!
Glad it made it ok
Creative idea! I wish I had some for you.

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