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trading away alittle of my pc for more pc. the hamilton is /100 not going to trade it down.

[Image: pc.jpg]
I'd like a shot at the Hamilton, had it once and wish I would have never got rid of it.

Thanks - Dale
I'd like to get in line for the Hamilton. Willing to do a cash deal.
thanks for the offer bobcat not looking to sell though, and havent found anything worth moving it yet.
What are you looking for the Hamilton au?
autos of Rangers stars( Kinsler, Andrus, Michael Young, Nelly Cruz) that i dont have already Michael Choice(2010 10th overall pick for oakland, UTA alum) SP Auto. SP USA autos of bigger name prospects from '09-now, '11 baseball Contender autos I need for my set that are of equal or higher BV.
That pretty much covers it, possibly move it for non auto stuff but would have to be very short print and rare. possibly move for Cowboy autos but depends on who it is and what the print run is.
please check me for the piendamont auto and the hamilton thanks
sry didnt see anything
you could check me..thanks just added bunch to my org marked FT

i like the dual gu, well you can check me for all of them if you have time
open offer sent jeterfan
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