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I have about 400 - 500 First Edition Pokemon Team Rocket cards ( no holos) that were in a large sports cards collection I bought. Do these carry much value anymore? I also have about 150-200 First Edition Neo Genesis Pokemon cards as well (no holos). Any in put helps. Thanks
Well if it was First edition Team Rocket complete set. 82/82 sells for about $70. But there are error cards not many such as, Dark Raichu numbered 83/82. Neo Genesis is worth a bit more around $200+ for a complete set 111/111 first edition. The cards you may have with value would be cards with a star indicating the rarity at the bottom right. Otherwise you can make complete sets of uncommon (diamond bottom right), common (circle), and list the complete common ext. set on ebay.
Then again what do I know complete team rocket set first edition 83/82 cards with the error raichu has a bid of $170 ebay.
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