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i am trading. but i'm a little swamped right now. if you want something please send a trade through the trade system. and i'll see what i can do. thanks.
[Image: img148.jpg]
[Image: img149.jpg]
[Image: img150-1.jpg]
[Image: img151-1.jpg]
[Image: img152-1.jpg]
[Image: img153-1.jpg]
[Image: img154-1.jpg]
[Image: img155-1.jpg]
[Image: img156-1.jpg]
[Image: img157-1.jpg]
i sure could ust the 3 Grass roots patch cards for my set...LMK if you are selling. i have such little trade bait it is sick..sorry
Nice breaks. My favorite is that chuck bednarik
You have an open offer for me.... thanks!
Sick patches
interested in the hillis and the baldwin!! PLMK
Open offer sent w/comments.
are you selling the gabbert auto or the ravens torrey smith limited ravens patch auto?!? if so pm me best price each and together.
Very good looking colors. Congrats
AH! Need the Jerngian and Celek! Sending offer!
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