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[Image: Resampled_060212110520.jpg]

[Image: 060212110624.jpg]

[Image: 0602121107121.jpg]

[Image: 060212110831.jpg]

[Image: 060212110756.jpg]

[Image: 060212110915.jpg]
kinda looks like vick tried to sign the jersey...idk tho...odd card

big ben numbered to 25
Ooohhhh... me likey the Winslow....

As for the Vick, you would think it's part of an auto, but it doesn't look like his "M" to me...

But likey the Winslow..
Really like that Chris carter ifvur willing to deal it
I'd love a shot at the Carter.
Wow I love that big Ben. Awesome cards.
Wow you absolutely killed it on both. welldone
Wow those were a couple great boxes! Congrats!!!
im not too upset with it
Bad big Ben!
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