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I know we have discussed this in the past but did anyone happen to read the June 1st interview with Brian Gray from Leaf? Again blasting the collectors for not supporting their product.... I am all for competition in the martketplace, but if you are going to make a product that is inferior in every way (lineup, photography, design, relics, cost, value per box) do not blame the collectors for not buying your product. I do not think they asked for any input from any collectors when they made the set. I am done with the rant now...let me know if you think I am completely off base here.
I have not bought any and not sure if I will. Only good thing is no Redemptions, I have been waiting over a year for one of mine from 2010 Knockout which I will probably never get. The cards just look a little boring from what I have seen.

I guess he's talking about me... I've only purchased 1 pack of any Leaf MMA product, and that's only because it was the only cards the shop had! As far as the hit goes, I can't even remember who the fighter was... perhaps that's the reason I stay away from Leaf???? I say good riddance.
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