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Took the time and added them to the ORG just now.

As I've said before in my '12 GQ Mini trade thread, do NOT send empty offers. They will be declined right away. I do not have the time to dig through everyone's ORG to find cards I want. You want my cards, you send the offer. **My collecting players are in my sig** I also collect the Yankees and Pirates.

If you send an offer and I already have that card, I will send a counter if I see one I like that I don't have.

I'll check later on to see if I have any pending trades before I leave my house at 6pm EST. If I see a trade I like right away, I will accept your offer and have your cards out when I leave work (330am EST).

I'm sure some of you need them for your sets!

I'm striving to keep my 5! (5.0 rating)

I sent you a 4 for 4 trade but tweak as you may. Whenever you get around to rush.
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