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Full Version: Assortment of packs!
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Finished a painting (whenever I paint children I earn myself a small pack spree)it may have been small but there were a few really decent hits (satisfied customer they always are lol).....not pictured a Cam Fowler Memorial Cup Champions.....On with the show this is it...
[Image: ats1.jpg]
[Image: ats2.jpg]
[Image: ats3.jpg]
[Image: ats4.jpg]
[Image: ats7.jpg]
Ward 15/25

Now some sweet material....
[Image: ats5.jpg]
[Image: ats6.jpg]
Tedenby ?15/
[Image: ats8.jpg]
Niemi some nice color ....and the best for last!
[Image: ats.jpg]
Seguin jumbo number qty./6.......
Thoughts and comments always welcomed
Very nice pulls! Those are some great hits!!!! The swatches on those are amazing!! CONGRATS!!!
Thanks I was a little surprised by a couple of them....
Nice patches
Those patches are awesome, Congrats!!!
wow nice
Sick patches! Congrats on the very nice breaks!!
Thanks for the comments....I was happy also especially with the Seguin but also a few others even though the Niemi is considered a standard jersey it is most certainly the nicest one I've seen in comparison to others which were the standard one color is also my first Ward auto still can't get over when he burnt us............(the Hab's)
I don't know who Tedenby is but that patch caught my eye. Congrats!
Nice I like that Ward
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